Venue Spotlight - Fort Edmonton Blatchford Hangar

Exterior of the Blatchford Hangar - photo by Beauchamp Photography
Over the past week alone, I've met with two couples who are tying the knot at one of Fort Edmonton's many impressive wedding venues. Since we enjoy working at Fort Ed so much, I thought I'd find some photo inspiration for any couples interested in this versatile reception venue.

I'd say there's room enough for all your family members... and some! - photo by Katya Nova Photography

With a capacity of up to 600 people, the Blatchford Hangar is one of Edmonton's largest wedding reception venues. Don't let that number intimidate you, though - many couples use the hangar for small celebrations, and simply use dividers or curtains to section off an area or add a more intimate feel. The photo below is a perfect example of how one couple used decor effectively to use this large venue for a not-too-large wedding. 

Fantastic, colorful reception and checkered dance floor - photo by beauchamp photography
Fort Edmonton is a unique and character-filled place for a wedding - not just your average venue. I've always experienced the park hosts to be both helpful and discreet, and during the off-season, when the park is closed to the public, it often feels like you've got the whole place to yourselves. And even though it is right in the middle of Edmonton, it's tucked away in the river valley and feels like you are miles out of the city. 

Photo by Carey Nash Photography
Head over to the Fort Edmonton facility rentals page by clicking here - where you can find all of the details on renting the Blatchford Hangar (or any of the Fort's other stellar venues). And if you're looking for the entertainment you need to keep your dance floor rocking, click here to contact us!

Photo by Shandro Photo