An Indian-Albertan Wedding in Edmonton - Congratulations Carilee & Blake!

All photos in this post are by Edmonton photographer Blake Loates. Click here for her website. 

I had the pleasure of DJing Carilee & Blake's two-day blended Indian-Albertan celebration. When they submitted their song requests for their wedding, it included a few pages of Hindi, Punjabi and Bhangra songs. To make sure that I understood what songs were to be played when, the bride and her future sister-in-law came into the office to go over the timeline for the day and what ceremonies needed to be accompanied by specific music, and what parts of the night they wanted me to use my ability to read the crowd and play songs that fit. 

Any wedding DJ in Edmonton has to be prepared to work with clients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. We often get asked if we are able to work Indian weddings, Chinese ceremonies and many more... the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!! 

On day one of the celebration, Blake and Carilee's families came together at the Sawmill Catering Centre to witness a number of Indian ceremonies. These often take place over the course of a week, but this couple decided to put all of the ceremonies into one day, and had the very helpful inclusion of a sister who explained each of the ceremonies to everyone as they went, so that those who had never been to an Indian wedding felt in the loop and understood what was going on. As a DJ, this day took a lot of attentiveness and flexibility. Like any wedding, timelines didn't always go as planned, and I had to 'go with the flow' and pay attention to make sure I still played the right Hindi songs at the right time. 

I have to take this opportunity to say: the staff at the Sawmill are GREAT. They are the best part of working at this venue. No, wait - the FOOD is the best part of this venue... Actually, I can't decide. If you want unforgettable food and fantastic customer service, the Sawmill is the place to be. And no, they are not paying me to say this... it's just that good! After the Indian ceremonies there was a mix of Indian & Albertan snacks (read: everything from samosas to 100% Alberta beef sliders). 

Day two was a more typical western-style wedding. The venue was transformed into an autumn-themed bash, and once again the food was incredible. Blake's uncle did a great job as emcee, and even brought family members up to teach them how to 'properly' dance to Punjabi music, which had everyone in stitches. 

During the dance, it was my job to ensure Indian, top 40 and country music were mixed together to ensure there was something for everyone. I have to give a nod to the emcee uncle who kept encouraging all of the guests to get on the dance floor together, and found that both sides of the family celebrated together, and didn't seem to mind if the music wasn't their personal taste. Yes, even the two-steppers participated in some Punjabi dance moves, and the Indian family members were taught the 'I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock n' Roll)' line dance. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this celebration! 

It's obvious that I had a blast DJing this wedding, and working at the Sawmill, but what did the couple think? I had a chance to touch base with Carilee a couple months after their wedding - here's what she had to say:
How were we to work with through the booking process? The sit down at the office was professional and a great introduction. It was a nice opportunity to get to know you and for us to express our needs and clarify questions we both had. 

How was the music?Excellent. Working with the different tastes and genres was great! We had a flash mob that we did on Friday and Saturday and it went off without a hitch! Also on Saturday Uncle Billy, our MC, asked the uncles to come up and give a demonstration of how to do some popular Indian moves. The music along with the demonstration was perfect. 
How did we manage the special music needs of your occasion? Very accommodating and understanding. We came to Stacey with a list of music in an unfamiliar language and music genre and it was all accomplished. You had no problems downloading the music we needed and asking the questions needed to ensure our needs were met. 
Did your guests enjoy the dance? YES! It was the perfect combination on Friday with the Indian music and Saturday was a great mix of country, Indian and top 40. You also did a great job of "distracting" the pushy guest who insisted on hearing the Macarena - LOL. When the guests were up dancing you kept the good music going and knew when to change it if the crowd was dying down.

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Special thanks to Blake Loates for the use of her photos.