You Trust the Doctor Don't You?

It might seem like a strange question to ask on a DJ and entertainment services website. As the owner of an Edmonton based wedding DJ, photography, video and photo booth company, why would I care if you trust your doctor or not?

Imagine you wake up one day and feel incredibly sick. Not the self-inflicted sick or the ate some bad clams kind of sick, but an unexplained illness when you were just fine the day before. If you make your way to the doctor, it's safe to assume you go in with the attitude that you'll believe whatever diagnosis he or she gives.

If your doctor says you have a bad case of gas, you probably accept that, get some Pepto Bismol and wait for it to subside. If God forbid, you have something much more serious and your doctor tells you to get a series of tests, it's an awful day, but you tend not to second guess it. Why?

Because your doctor is the expert.

You trust your doctor knows what the heck is going on because of your doctors' background. Years of schooling, seeing other patients with similar problems, and a medical license that tells you, this is a professional you can trust.

For some of us, we're really lucky when we have a great relationship with our doctor. You not only trust that his/her experience tells you they know what they're talking about, but if you know your doctor and they have a personal connection to your well-being, you also understand they would never intentionally give you false information that might harm you.

Again, your doctor is an expert.

Put another way; if you were sick, would you go see a doctor who operates out the back of a rusty old van with rented equipment? A doctor who has very few other patients and who also happens to do something else full-time, like carpentry? A doctor who put an ad up on a free site claiming to provide a solution to your problem even though they don't know or understand yet what your problem is?

Probably not. Yet, a lot of couples do this with the people they hire to help them with their wedding.

Now, I'm not suggesting that your decision on a DJ, photographer or video crew is life or death. In fact, it isn't and if you feel it is, you've likely forgotten that a wedding is a celebration and you should probably get your priorities in check. But, who you hire to help with your wedding is a huge decision. For many of us, a once in a lifetime decision.

You should be treating finding a DJ the same way you find a doctor.

Choose your Edmonton DJ because they have experience. Choose someone with a professional background performing at weddings and licensing to prove it. A DJ company who has had to pass a series of requirements to be in associations that help you the client. Choose a DJ service who has other clients willing to provide testimonials and positive reviews. Choose a DJ who has a glowing resume, perhaps with a few awards in his/her field. Furthermore, choose a DJ company that can provide you with the answers relevant to the questions you are asking and when you get them, you trust that the information is correct.

You wouldn't go see the doctor in a van even if you saved a couple hundred bucks by doing so. Don't make the same mistake with your wedding. It isn't life or death, but if your DJ screws up your event, it just might leave you with a bad case of the 'what was I thinking's'.