How To Choose a Wedding Emcee

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Ever been to a wedding where the emcee tells such a cringe-worthy joke that even the bride and groom look uncomfortable? How about a reception where no one seems to know what happens next? As vendors, we are present at countless Edmonton weddings every year, and trust me when i say that these blunders happen all too often. 

As DJs, we have seen it all, and I can say without hesitation that a good emcee will make or break your wedding reception. From the moment your emcee first gathers the attention of your crowd, intentionally or not, he or she will set the mood for the entire evening. Here are five things to look for in the person you choose as your emcee, to make sure your loved ones experience a night they remember - in a good way. 

Confident & Comfortable
Your emcee should be confident speaking to a crowd. They don't have to be an award-winning public speaker, but they should feel comfortable enough that they are able to address the crowd with ease. A nervous or apprehensive emcee will struggle to captivate a crowd's attention, and will leave people wondering when the mundane formalities will be over. 

As guests start to arrive during cocktail hour, the first person I look for is the emcee. As a DJ, it is my priority to establish a line of communication with the master of ceremonies, so that we can work together to make sure the night runs smoothly. The more the emcee communicates with me (and any other vendors or venue staff), the more prepared I can be to have the right music ready at the right time, and the more worry-free your wedding reception will be - and that's just for those of us who are in charge of the formalities. It's also crucial that your emcee knows what information to communicate with guests, and does so in a clear and timely fashion so that your family and friends aren't left wondering what's next, or leaving the room just before an important moment is about to take place. 

Not only should the emcee have a great personality, their dialogue and jokes should reflect your personality as a couple, and the atmosphere you would like to create for your wedding. For some couples, embarrassing or risqué stories and jokes are practically expected, but for others they would be considered off-limits and offensive. Make sure your emcee knows what you and your family consider appropriate, and that they share stories that reflect your personalities.  

"Emcee" is an abbreviation of "Master of Ceremonies." To keep the night running smoothly, the emcee must be attentive to what needs to happen when, and communicate accordingly. For example, an emcee may look at the clock and see that it is time for dinner to start, and go ahead and announce that guests can head to the buffet, only to find that the catering staff is still a few minutes away from being completely ready. A good master of ceremonies will avert such mishaps by paying attention to everything that is happening in the room, and managing the flow of the evening appropriately. 


Brides and grooms often feel obligated to choose a certain family member to be the emcee, and end up with someone who isn't quite right for the job.  There are plenty of ways to include treasured family members in important roles on your wedding day, but the role of the emcee is so essential that you simply must pick a person that can perform the duties with ease. The qualities above are part of the emcee role, and the person you choose should fit the bill.