DJ vs. the iPod - The Great Debate

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It's no secret that weddings can be expensive, and as such, it is crucial for couples to prioritize and budget carefully. When it comes down to stretching the wedding budget, many couples consider cutting the expense of a DJ and replacing it with an iPod - after all, music is music, it doesn't matter how it is played, right?


Ok, you're reading a blog from a DJ company - of course we're going to be biased. We love what we do, and it is our pleasure to work with many happy couples every season, who are seeking out a high-quality wedding DJ without hesitation. However, if you're still on the fence, and not sure a DJ is worth a spot in your budget, here are some reasons that choosing an iPod over a DJ will leave your wedding reception wanting. 

Everyone becomes a DJ
Have you been to a party where one (or more!) opinionated guests decides they don't like what music is playing, and takes over the music selection? Honestly - weddings are no different. As a guest at numerous iPod receptions, I have seen this same thing happen nearly every time - and although the bride and groom have thoughtfully chosen a playlist, during their reception they are too busy visiting with loved ones and celebrating to go back and insist that their playlist is left on. The music becomes the choice of the boldest and most opinionated guest. 

A professional DJ will ensure that the bride and groom's favourites are played, while taking requests that will keep the dance floor moving, and cater to the whole crowd, not just one or two guests. 

Wrong music at the wrong time... 
After someone presses 'play' on the iPod, it will just play the list as it was created. It is extremely rare that a wedding goes perfectly to schedule, and even if the right song was scheduled to play at a time like the cake cutting, the likelihood of the music being played at the correct time is very slim. 

A professional DJ is constantly paying attention to the flow of events, and is there to discern the best music for each part of the night. 

…or the right music at the wrong time.
An iPod playlist may include the best dance songs ever written, but an incredible song alone isn't enough to get your crowds dancing. If a great song comes on while many of your guests are at the bar or have stepped outside for some air, not only will guests miss out on dancing to it, it won''t reach it's potential to get the dance floor jumping. 

A professional DJ knows the right moment to play a great song, and will use their skill to use the best music to build a great dance floor atmosphere. 

Reading the crowd
The best part of a wedding dance is when friends and family of all different ages get on the dance floor and have a good time together. It is important that the right music is played for the crowd that is present, and the portion of that group who are enjoying the dance. 

A professional DJ will read the crowd and play the music he/she knows will keep the younger guests on the dance floor, but will also draw in the older crowd. They will use games and interaction to get your whole crowd having a great time - not just the guests who are eager to dance. 

Master of ceremonies
Throughout the night, announcements may need to be made, and attention may need to be given to issues that arise. Without a DJ, after the speeches and more formal parts of the night conclude, there is no one left to make sure the night goes off without a hitch. 

A professional DJ acts as a contact point for announcements and making sure the later part of the evening runs smoothly. 

One less thing to worry about
In the days leading up to your wedding, creating a 6+ hour playlist can be a massive and daunting task, not to mention ensuring you have the right equipment to amplify your iPod loud enough, lighting for your dance floor, and all of the other considerations you need to make when you leave yourselves responsible for the dance portion of the night. 

A professional DJ will take the stress out of your wedding dance - they will take care of all of the technical logistics and music selection, leaving you and your fiancĂ© with more precious time to devote to the rest of your wedding planning.