Special Thanks to AMA Calgary from an Edmonton DJ Company

Equinox Sound & Entertainment isn't just local to Edmonton. We do travel and every once and a while our clients have divisions in other cities.

AMA is everywhere and on Friday December 6th, Equinox Sound was brought in to DJ in Calgary, Alberta and we had a great time! Traveling through -28 degree temperatures wasn't about to stop us from making sure this holiday party was a huge success.

This is the third year and about the eighth event Equinox Sound - Edmonton's leader in entertainment -, has done with AMA and every time, AMA goes all out for their employees and loved ones. From smaller more intimate events to full games, prizes, screens and A/V, we've been there and done that with a great group. They know Equinox Sound will provide a ton of fun and Friday was no exception.

During the holiday season, Equinox Sound often gets hired to not only DJ, but bring along a photo booth to a ton of events. We're also proud to work with Mojo Photo Booth when our booths are sold out. We were sad we couldn't get a booth for AMA this year, but we could tell they had a lot of fun at the Mojo Booth.

AMA guests were truly in the holiday spirit. Dancing and enjoying the festivities with each other and we look forward to working with AMA for all of their future events.

Interested in hiring Equinox Sound for your next corporate event? Need a DJ, photo booth, video or other service to make your party stand out and be something your staff and their guests will remember?

Equinox Sound can keep things simple as we did with this particular AMA event set-up, or we can go all out if the event calls for it. We'll build a custom quote for your company and make sure everyone has a great time! But don't hesitate, because we sell out fast and as AMA found out, we don't always have all of our services still open.

Get all of your services in one place. Use our contact page to request a quote. Or, call us at 780-435-3686.

Happy Holidays to AMA and to all of their employees and guests!