5 Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Photo by Emma at Equinox Photography
Last weekend I DJ'd an Edmonton wedding where the bride and groom made a special effort to acknowledge people in their lives. 

First, rather than having a bouquet toss, the bride called up the couple who had been married the longest, and presented her bouquet to them while their wedding song was being played in the background. Next, after the couple’s first dance, the bride shared a dance with her son, and invited any other mothers who were there with their sons to join them on the dance floor – this solicited a chorus of ‘awws’ and even a few tears throughout the crowd. 

Before the wedding, the couple sent us a list of songs which were the first dances at the weddings of some of their guests. They asked me to play the songs throughout the night, and when I did, I made a brief acknowledgement of the couple whose song it was. Wow – it was plain to see that they felt honored, and other guests even applauded each couple before joining them on the dance floor. These thoughtful touches truly made their reception special, and guaranteed a romantic and unforgettable night for everyone involved.
This couple did a great job including and honoring their friends and family, and definitely created moments that will last in the memories of their loved ones. I’m sure all couples hope that their wedding would do the same - here are five ideas to help you make your day unforgettable.

1.       Add personal touches. Are you comic book fans?  Let your centerpieces include small figurines of your favourite characters. Pet lovers? Include photos of your pets on your stationery or as part of your d├ęcor. Instead of numbering tables, name them – locations that have been significant in your relationship, book titles, characters from a movie you both love – the possibilities are endless. Let your personalities shine through, and your guests will certainly notice and appreciate it.

2.       Break out of the norm.  So many times we work with couples who include traditions or ‘typical’ wedding festivities, simply because that’s what they’ve always seen done. Don’t be afraid to ditch the traditions that have no meaning for you, and add things that make your wedding uniquely yours. Do you feel more comfortable two-stepping than swaying awkwardly to a slow song in front of onlookers? Two-step your first dance. Does your idea of a great party include karaoke? Then what’s stopping you from including a karaoke hour in your reception? Your wedding is all about you- make it your own!

3.       Honor loved ones who have passed away. There are many ways to do this, from placing photos in a visible spot, or including a trinket or a piece of heirloom jewelry in your outfit. This post has plenty of other special memorial ideas.

4.       Include a Photo Booth. Over the past few years, photo booths have gained popularity and practically become a ‘norm’. There are a range of formats, but any way you do it, they are great for getting people mingling and laughing together. We offer a photo booth service, which prints photos on the spot, allowing guests to go home with a lasting memento from your wedding.

5.       Choose the right Emcee. Obviously we are part of countless weddings, and when it comes to emcees, we have seen it all. Sadly, many wedding emcees seem to rely on google-ing wedding emcee jokes, and we hear the same groan-inducing one-liners at many receptions. Choose an emcee that knows you well and is outgoing yet tactful, and take the time to meet with them before your wedding to share some parts of your story that they can include throughout the night – your guests will love hearing unique stories and jokes, and will walk away remembering that they are an irreplaceable part of your story.