Consider Bundling Our Services And Save!

It's fair to say that most couples know us as a DJ company. It's what we've been doing longest -- over a decade full-time in fact. I'm honored to say I believe we've done it well and will continue to do so. 

But, as the FedEx commercial says, just because we do one thing exceptionally well, doesn't mean we can't do other things exceptionally well too. 

Over the years we've developed, built and maintained some great relationships with some of Edmonton's best vendors in the fields of photography and video. Do as many events as we do and you're bound to meet some of the other busy and fantastic artists in the city. These vendors love what we offer and we believe they are great at what they do, so we've teamed up.

We've got the best DJ's and they're going to help us bring you the best photographers and video crews in the city. 

Oh... and did I mention, we recently purchased two brand new photo booths!

What this means for our clients are a few things:

1) You can now do all of your shopping in one place. No, our DJ's are not photographers. No, we don't send a video crew to also run your photo booth. Will they help each other? Sure. That's all part of being a winning team. 

That said, we've spent a lot of time and effort to find talents who offer their amazing skills and we keep them in the fields that they excel at. They have to work well with our already existing staff, they have to meet and exceed our grueling standards, and if that isn't enough, they have to do all of this att rates that continue to allow us to provide superior quality and prices most couples can afford.

2) You can save money. The more you book, the more we save you!

Our goal in developing these relationships was two-fold. Get you the best of the best and do so without having to charge the highest of the high. 

Give us a call and set a time to talk with one of our office sales staff. They can walk you through your package options, tell you how bundling services can save you money and the advantages in doing so. 

From there you can see samples of the work and feel comfortable knowing that we offer the best in each and every category. 

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