5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make At Your Edmonton Wedding

A wedding day and reception rarely go completely snag-free. That's the nature of the beast. There are so many different people collaborating at one time, that there is bound to be something that goes less than perfectly. For the most part, everyone is able to roll with the punches.

That said, there are a few things that if they happen can either cause some real grief for everyone involved or, could have been completely avoided with a little bit of planning ahead.

Below is a list of some of the things the parties involved can do to limit the real goof-ups:

1) Know and choose your master of ceremonies wisely -- Man, do we see this mistake a lot. Many couples just don't realize how important a good emcee is to a reception. Choose a dry and boring master of ceremonies and you can guarantee the night will end up dry and boring. Choose one that has a tendency to drop an f-bomb or use inappropriate talk and you'll offend some of the guests.

2) Plan for the weather - If you don't have a back-up plan, it is our suggestion that you avoid planning to hold things outdoors. Weather is and will always be an element beyond anyone's control. Having a plan in the event that it's raining buckets, snow falls, or other elements make it impossible to complete the original plan is not just wise, but essential.

3) For your budget's sake, remember the items that were on the top of your priority list - It's so easy to blow through a wedding budget. And, we often see it on items that at the end of the day, no one will ever notice. Did you really need to go $300 over budget on your wedding shoes? Did having the extra tier on the cake, that you'll have a hard time eating, really make or break your day? Learn to budget. It's a tool that will also serve you well after your wedding.

4) Consider your guests - We've done a lot of events where couples completely ignored their guests. Whether it was only playing the music the bride and groom liked, not planning time wisely and making your guests stand around for you for two hours while you do pictures...Yes, it is your day; but, you've invited these people because they are an important part of your life. This is a celebration for them to enjoy as well.

5) Personalize - If the wedding doesn't show a side of you as a couple, what really is the point? It's strange for your guests if your reception, ceremony and pictures don't reflect who you are. You may look back and wish you'd done things differently.