How the Calendar Affects Your Holiday Party in 2013

There are only so many weekends in a given calendar year that a business might decide to hold a corporate party or holiday mixer for their staff.

Sometimes the calendar works favorably and there are a variety of dates from which to select. Other years, the days of the month don't line up as well.

2013 is one of those years. The odds are not in the favor of those trying to plan a party for their staff.

November and December are of course the busiest months for holiday events. A lot of companies don't want to do too early in November because it just doesn't quite feel like the holidays yet. Other companies will avoid late in December because it's too close to the actual holiday and people are gone on vacation, worried about other things and the attendance simply may not be there.

In 2013 that leaves what looks like four very popular weekends. Nov 22nd and Nov 23rd, Nov 29th and Nov 30th, Dec 6th and Dec 7th, Dec 13th and Dec 14th. While we know that Fridays are not usually as popular as Saturdays, let's pretend that we equally are distributed on all eight of these dates.

Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc. may be Edmonton's busiest DJ company around the holidays. For example in 2012, over a similar four weekend period, our DJ's were hired at over seventy events. On average, that is almost nine events per evening.

When it comes to this upcoming 2013 corporate party season, it's only August and outside of our repeat clients who have already committed to their events, we've added six new clients/companies who were not our calendar last year. That means if we have the consistent over ninety percent return client rate that we traditionally see, we'll already have surpassed the shows we did in 2012.

That combined with the tighter 2013 schedule means one thing. Companies and the staff planning these events need to be more ahead of the curve than ever. Wait too long and not only will our DJ's not be available, but neither will a lot of other DJ services in Edmonton.

Our advice? While it might feel like the middle of summer and the last thing you might want to be doing is thinking about your staff holiday event, do a little advance leg work or call back your vendors from the previous year who you don't want to not be around. Come October when you are ready, you'll be happy you did.

There's nothing worse than thinking you're ahead of the game only to have everyone having beaten you to the punch and scooped all the best dates.