A Venue Review of the Westin Edmonton

Elegance Personified…

Couples find that planning a wedding can be fun, but also difficult. Every couple has a slightly different to vastly unique way of looking at their big day. Some want simple, others extravagant. Some take a more budget conscious approach, while others will go all out and spare no expense to create the weddings of their dreams. We talk to each these varied clients regularly and our job is simple – find them the right fit for their most special day.

When it comes to referring venues and facilities to hold these events, we tend to frequently recommend one location when the word elegance comes from our clients as a descriptive term for the perfect spot – The Westin Edmonton.

Why the Westin Edmonton…

From smaller more intimate events that will hold twenty guests, to a 9500 sq ft ballroom that holds up to seven hundred, the Westin Edmonton has a modern and contemporary feel and dĂ©cor that can accommodate any theme or color scheme. 

Not only is this location elegant, but it’s comfortable and flexible to suit the needs of many different clientele. From moveable dance floors to more than six combinations of spaces available for guests, you can hold your ceremony, reception and gift opening all in the same location and never use the same space twice.

Meticulous Attention to Detail…

If you’re not interested in being looked after with great care and class, you likely wouldn’t think to call the Westin. They understand that every client has a unique taste and style and as such will help you attend to every detail of your day.

From reduced room rates to table set-ups, choice of linens and a rejuvenating in-house salon and spa, you’ll have access to it all. Have more than 100 guests? The Westin will include a complimentary bridal room, valet parking for the bride and groom, breakfast for two and a later check out.

Our Relationship with the Westin Edmonton

It is our goal to be Edmonton’s premier DJ, photography and video services company. We strive to provide the best service, quality product and experience, but at an investment our clients will find competitive and within a budget that says, “We’re willing to spend on getting the best, but we’d like to not go broke doing so”. Our brand, we believe matches extremely well with the Westin.

We encourage you give them a call and sit down with their Wedding Specialist Colette to plan your big day. It’s a special moment and having the right location is the start of everything magical that is something as wonderful as a wedding – your wedding, will be.