Interactive DJ vs. Non-Interactive DJ

We've said it before and we'll say it again; DJ’s make or break an event. They can keep your crowd pumped up and happy or more social and laid back. It’s up to you. When you book a DJ in Edmonton with Equinox Sound and Entertainment you have the luxury of picking your style of DJ. When you’re given a choice of DJ and package you can’t go wrong. Like I said, you just need to pick whether you want someone more on the outgoing side or more on the reserved side; the reason being that you can choose between having an interactive DJ or a non-interactive DJ. In this post I will be thoroughly discussing each option to give you a better look into what each of these choices entail.

I would like to start by making one thing very clear: both are excellent choices. I’m not going to make a pro’s and con’s list for each as there isn’t any “con” to either. It’s just up to the individuals taste and expectations. They both have several great features, so let’s get to it!

Interactive: If you’re hosting an event and you want your DJ interacting with your guests by playing games and hosting karaoke then interactive is definitely the choice for you. An interactive DJ is typically chosen by hosts that are more focused on their guests sharing lots of laughs and having fun throughout a very upbeat evening. Not to say the DJ will be stealing the show every couple minutes.. Just playing games and keeping everyone on their toes as you please.

Non-Interactive: Although in the above paragraph it may seem like interactive is the fun option and non-interactive is the boring option that most certainly is not the case! Non-interactive just makes for a more intimate night between the host and their guests. Your DJ will just more or less keep to himself. Here is still plenty of fun to be had!

I guess what I’m hoping you take from this is that having the choice between these two kinds of DJ’s really helps your guests get a feel for what you have in mind for the evening and more importantly it reflects the kind of person you are. I can’t stress enough that no matter what DJ you get when you book with Equinox Sound and Entertainment will be a great DJ. We just have that option on the table to make your night have that little something extra.