Small Wedding Receptions - The Positives and Negatives

So your're having a smaller wedding. Great! At Equinox Sound and Entertainment, we love smaller weddings!

But, do you know the good and bad that come with receptions for 70-80 people or less? Did you know there are challenges in smaller wedding receptions that exist that might not in a larger 200 guest reception?

1) If people leave a bit early, the room can look very empty very quickly
2) Your wedding disc jockey or DJ better be good as smaller groups are always harder to keep happy.
3) Your immediate family and close group may choose to socialize versus party.

These are just some of the things you may have to contend with. But, smaller weddings have also have some great advantages:

1) You can actually mingle with all of your guests
2) You can cut down on rental and room costs significantly
3) You can invite only those guests who are really important to you
4) You can do more for less with your decor and give your room an intimate feel

Whether you have a small function or a party with hundreds of guests, you'll want to consider the environment that few guests or that many guests creates. You'll also want to hire your vendors who are best suited to handle whatever guest list you settle on.

Choose vendors who have experience with a smaller wedding if that's your direction. Or select vendors who are know for larger functions if you're having a ton of people. You'll be glad you made sure you asked.