What is Name That Tune or Music Trivia?

Name That Tune is an interactive way to get people dancing, singing and testing their music knowledge to the best music across any genre.

Pubs are bringing us in to increase their revenue, companies are bringing us in to ensure their employees and guests have a great time, and couples are adding the service because they want something different and fun!

How Name That Tune Works...

The game can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. We bring two hosts, all the equipment and a few prizes to ensure everyone has a great time. We'll group your guests into teams, give each team a snippet of songs from different genres of music and add up the points. Teams will compete for bragging rights and few a goodies to take home!

What to Know About Name That Tune!

1) Your guests will be going bananas and doing things you never imagined. We're not out to offend anyone, but you'll be shocked at what can happen when a little bragging rights and prizes are up for grabs!

2) We try to pick songs that most people know. Our goal as entertainers is not to pick songs so difficult that no one can get the answers. We want songs that make you think but give you a sense of confidence as a group that you know your music!

3) This is a participation game. We will ask that people get up and help us out. The more you do and play, the more points you get!

If you think that Name That Tune or music trivia is something that will bring a little life to your group, establishment or event, give us a call. We'd love to put together a customized quote.