What Are You Paying For Exactly? - Edmonton DJ, Photography and VIdeo Differences

You're getting married. Perhaps you visited a wedding trade show over the last couple of weeks. You've just finally settled down from all the food and holiday fun with your family and what's next? -- going through all of that information you collected when you first decided to gather options for your wedding.

Trouble is, there is a lot of information out there to sift through. You have a billion choices (ok, maybe not that many, but a lot) and you have to decide, which companies do I really think are the right fit?

The first thing to do is ask yourself a couple of key questions:

1) What am I shopping for?

Do I want the best? Do I want the least expensive or one that fits a tighter budget? Do I want stress free and easy? Do I want to support my local businesses? Do I want all of the above?

Once you determine which value you place on what you're shopping for, you'll find the answers to your questions and the companies that fall into those categories will vary greatly.

Let's take hiring a Edmonton wedding photographer for example. If you determine that you want the best, you need to decide what makes them the best in your eyes. Reputation, samples or portfolios, experience, features, full-time or part-time. Once you've determined that... and you've come to the realization that the best isn't going to come cheap, you can begin to narrow down your options.

2) What is my money getting me?

The catch here and the best way to ensure you don't overspend or feel ripped off when all is said and done, is to ensure that when you're ready to spend money, you've figured out what your money is actually buying you.

Let's take that same photographer. Are you the type of person willing to pay for the best even if the best could be had for less money? Will you buy the most expensive simply because it's priced the highest?

Don't laugh. There are so many couples who shop that way and businesses, especially photographers, who know this and will make sure to find those shoppers, that there is an entire market of wedding businesses that cater to these people.

If you're a smart buyer however, you'll realize that the best isn't necessarily the most expensive. In fact, the best rarely is the most costly of your options, because for 99% of us, the best lay somewhere between the highest quality return and the most convenient to a particular budget. As a wedding couple, the best thing you can do is ensure that you're receiving elements in your package with a wedding business that you actually see as the client.

Big companies have a tendency to work into their prices the cost of doing business. In every way shape or form this exists with any company you hire. After all, it costs money to provide you the couple with a service. But, should you be forced to pay for the fancy leather chairs in their office or the extra $1000 a month in advertising that company chooses to throw out there? I would rather see my money go towards something that will become an element of the package I chose.

If you're going to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a vendor, whether that be a wedding DJ, photographer, video service or other, you want a return on that money. If you're paying that extra $300 for a video, you want the second camera to capture the different angles. If you pay $500 more than the other guy, you want their to be crystal clear audio. I could care less if they have a nice leather chair. I want my video to be spectacular if I'm going to pay a spectacular price.

Here are some elements you'll want to watch for in any vendor your hire:

Where You'll See a Return

* Are they using newer state of the art and professional equipment?
* Have they done many events like yours in the past?
* Are they full-time and easy to access while I plan?
* Did they provide testimonials or references?
* Do they have samples I can take a look at?

Where You Might Only See a Return if a Problem Comes Up (But Still Important)

* Do they have a back-up plan?
* Are they a legit business?
* Are they insured and licensed where they need to be?
* Did I fill out a contract for the services I hired?

All of the above items can be critical for many people. The rest becomes a matter of personal preference. Just make sure that in the end, you know what you're buying and what your money is getting you so that you can make them most out of any service you hire.