Are You Ready to Hire Your Edmonton Wedding DJ?

Have you done your homework? Do you know the best way to handle a trade show? Have you checked the Bridal Fantasy list to see which vendors will be at the show and which seem worth a second and closer look?

Tonight (Saturday) is a big night for weddings, but tomorrow is all about the brides of the future at the Bridal Fantasy: The Fall Edition at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Doors open at 10am and it will be a flood of interested brides looking for the next great vendor to help with their big day and information that they can't quite get anywhere else.

Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc. has done everything they can in preparation for this day. We've put together some exclusive deals for Edmonton wedding couples, we've teamed up with Hot 107 and Lite 95.7 radio as the official sponsor of the Bridal Fantasy show and we're making it easier than ever for couples who want our last remaining spots to get them right at the show.

We don't normally book couples the day of a trade show, but the deals we're offering are so good, it might be hard to turn brides away!

If you're an Edmonton and area bride getting married this year, next year or well down the line, we're excited to see you. We hope that you'll find your Edmonton DJ service, Edmonton Photographer, Edmonton Video service or Edmonton Photo Booth at this show... and we hope that service is provided by us -- Equinox Sound and Entertainment.