How Important Is the Right Package?

Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc. offers a variety of packages to its Edmonton wedding DJ clients. We pride ourselves on being able to find the ideal fit for our couples and their guests.

The trick becomes, how do you know what the right option is for you and for your guests?

Why I ask this question is because it becomes important for couples to consider who they've invited to their reception. We ran into this situation just recently with a client and while the event was an overall success, there were concerns from an involved party at the event (not the couple mind you) that the DJ our company sent didn't interact enough.

What this person didn't know, was that the couple had specifically chosen a package where the DJ was reserved and the bride and groom weren't interested in an interactive DJ. That is a choice available to our clients and based on their history, desire or expectation with our DJ or other DJ's they've seen and enjoyed in the past.

It became a mixed signals sort of situation and even though this party was perhaps asked to contact us and obviously important to the bride and groom, this relevant information to provide a proper critique was obviously not passed on to the party who had called us to provide their feedback. We welcome feedback, but we have to make sure that the proper information is known to give a correct response.

It created an interesting situation that we rarely see. Was it that the bride and groom had forgotten which package they'd chosen? Did they simply not relay that information? Or did the party contacting us decide in their own way to provide a critique without all the relevant information?

In the end, it showed us the importance of selecting the right package not just for yourself as a bride and a groom, but one that fits the personalities and expectations of your guests.

When you first told your family and friends about your wedding, what did you say? In other words, once they knew they were invited, what did your invited guests expect? A huge party? Is that how they know you as a couple? Did they expect a classy and elegant affair more formal in nature?

The event you choose to throw and how you've described it to your guests has a very strong effect and relation to the type of DJ you should look to include. If you want a party, a DJ with a personality to have fun is extremely important. Someone to get people going and out on the dance floor, even if it takes a bit of silliness and outgoing games. If you want an event where it's more about family and not dancing, perhaps more laid back and quiet is the approach.

Is it about your budget? Money is always a determining factor, but can $50 to $150 mean the difference between a packed floor and a quiet wedding? Of course. Especially if you know your guests might require that little extra push.

For the party that contacted us, the trick was, what can we do at the time to of the event? Not much if the bride and groom have asked for a certain style. Our job is to ensure a good time and great music, but to give the bride and groom what they've asked for as best we can.

So, have you chosen a DJ for your event? Have you considered who is coming?