How a DJ Can Help Your Wedding Emcee (MC)

When it comes to wedding events, there are at least 9 out of 10 instances where the couple has chosen a wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC) to keep the flow of the night. It's a staple at most weddings.

Sometimes however, this person has never emcee'd a wedding before. Often, it's nothing like what they had expected.

It's not to say that a new MC can't be a good MC. That's far from the case. But, there are a number of little tricks someone like a professional DJ can do to help the MC get over the gitters of that first call of duty.

1) Make sure you introduce yourself as the DJ for the evening before the event gets underway. Hopefully as the DJ company, you've had a chance to tell the couple to ensure the MC does the same. The DJ should be able to pass along that should the MC need assistance with announcements or "when" something should happen, the DJ has been there and done that a bunch of times.

2) Tell said MC that while a schedule is important, to understand that should things not happen right on the exact minute count that the bride and groom have laid out, that is absolutely normal and not a cause for concern. In my seventeen years as a professional DJ, I've yet to come across a wedding that was fun, but also bang on cue time wise. Something always pops up. To go with the flow but keep an eye on things is much more acceptable than to force the issue.

3) Let the MC know that funny is good, but too funny can be disastrous. Trying to get that laugh out of every line more often than not means the chances an MC will cross that line. The one mistake an MC can make is to say something inappropriate. From that, there is no recovery.

4) Show the MC how to hold a mic and then to give a subtle reminder to each person as they come to do speeches how to hold the microphone, will save everyone a lot of grief. Most people talk at a different level and many are really nervous which affects how well a microphone will pick things up.

5) Let the MC know that unless otherwise specified by the bride and groom, not to introduce the first dance until the DJ has had a chance to speak with the couple. There are many instances where a bride and groom want just five minutes to stretch. They've been sitting and they want to move around before they get into the formal dancing. If you introduce it and the couple isn't ready, that makes everyone look unprepared.

6) Tell the MC that while the DJ will take over from the first dances on, our "DJ would love his/her help for the rest of the evening!" We know the MC was chosen because they have a personality (or at least the bride and groom think so). This can be helpful to a DJ when getting people onto the floor. If an MC gets involved, people follow suit!

Your MC is a very important piece of your reception. It can be hard for a couple to decide who just the right person will be. When done wrong, it can really set a poor tone to the wedding. These tips should help!