Great Wedding Words of Wisdom from a DJ Who Has Seen All Sorts Of Advice Dished Out

I've been a professional DJ for over fifteen years. In that time, I've seen a lot of toasts and speeches. Surrounded by the many goof ups, shy and less than intelligent babble that gets said at a lot of receptions to the bride and groom, there are a couple things that I've taken home with me.

Here are a few you can use as you go forward in your married life as man and wife:

* If you're unhappy with your spouse about something, be clear that he/she is likely unhappy with you about something as well. It's rarely if ever a one way street of unhappiness and to become happy means to work together.

* Despite what you hear, marriage is not always 50/50. Sometimes you'll be forced to give 90% and sometimes you'll take 75% of what your partner has to offer giving only 25% back in return. We aren't always blessed with half of the energy to make things work and there will be days when you'll rely on each other to do more than half the work. Understand this and be ready when it happens.

* For every time you feel the need to share your troubles with a friend about your married life, tell three stories at the same time about why you love your partner so much. Having friends to share with can be a great asset, but not when they look at your married life as a disaster. If you can't think of three positives, perhaps talking to more than just a friend is required.

* They tell you not to go to bed angry. Some can do that and some can't. The trick isn't making sure you never get angry, but that when you do, you wake up with the light of a new day and a clean slate.

* When you fight, do everything you can to avoid the words "never" and "always". There is never a time that someone always does or doesn't do something. That is a fact.