Top 10 DJ Services in Edmonton Mistakes - What Not to Do as a Wedding DJ!

Top 10 DJ Services in Edmonton Blunders

I had the chance to sit down with a client the other day. We had booked their Edmonton wedding a few months back and they had come into our office for a face-to-face consultation (which we offer all of our couples by the way). We began to chat about the types of things they would like to see from our DJ and what came back was an interesting and surprising response.

From the way the bride answered the question, I have a feeling she had been waiting some time to share her opinions on an event she'd been to just a few weeks earlier. It was like an explosion of negative energy entered our boardroom as she went on about how bad another DJ, from another Edmonton DJ company had been at her friends wedding. I could also tell by the look on her fiances face, that he had heard this story at least once before.

It was like a who's-who of things she didn't want our DJ to do. As we went down the list, I could understand why. I'd consider these obvious blunders, but you'd be surprised how many DJ's just don't have a clue. Here are 10 Things this Edmonton DJ service did:

#10: This Edmonton DJ arrives 10 minutes before cocktails

I suppose this is still considered on time? If the event doesn't start until 5pm and the bride and groom do not arrive until 5:45pm, but the DJ shows up at 4:50pm, is he technically late? By our standards, yes! A good Edmonton wedding DJ will arrive well before the cocktail hour to have everything set, sound checked and ready to go before the first guest ever enters the room. A bad DJ will be setting up while guests are filing in.

#9: This wedding DJ is dressed for anything except a wedding

This DJ was dressed in jeans a dress shirt, half tied up tie and some weird hat she had a hard time describing to me. I know in some places a DJ can be a trend setter. They wear cool clothes and are the center of a room. Does that make it ok to look out of place at a wedding reception? None of these "cool DJ" things are really appropriate at a wedding. Yes, when hiring a DJ service in Edmonton, ensure they are good at entertaining your room and fun, but the focus is on you the wedding couple. If the DJ stands out because they are under or over dressed, it's terribly obvious. Some DJ services will tell you that they'll come to your event in a tuxedo and really "snaz" it up. I might suggest that you first think about how many people will be wearing a tuxedo at the wedding beyond the groom, groomsmen and perhaps Fathers. Do you really want the DJ dressed like the groom or more like the majority of your guests?

#8: This DJ runs an auto-play list for dinner

This isn't always a 100% bad thing. As it is, DJ software now is pretty convenient for this type of thing. But, the DJ service you hire better ensure that they've looked over that list prior to the night. This wedding DJ hadn't checked the list prior and included the couple's first dance. Needless to say, the bride wasn't impressed to dance to the first dance after listening to it about 20 minutes earlier during dinner.

#7: The Edmonton DJ company didn't know the Edmonton area very well

This DJ had never worked this venue or room before, so he set-up his equipment in a terrible place. This DJ also didn't realize that he was just on the outskirts of Edmonton in a farming community where country music was a big fan favorite. A bridesmaid had asked for some Alan Jackson to two-step to and the choices were two songs, one of which was a slow dance. A good DJ will know the room and if they don't, will scope the venue prior to the big day. They should also understand the area. A bad will get there and guess.

#6: This DJ had no idea how to pronounce some of the names in the bridal party

Sure, it's a nice bonus sometimes if the DJ can take care of all the announcements should you not have an Emcee, but if they do, at the very least they should ensure they have the names right. Yes, some names are extremely difficult and there are names that friends will still get wrong. Sometimes there's little you can do but practice with a name like that, but names that should be workable better be right. This DJ pronounced the Father of the bride's last name incorrectly. Not exactly the smoothest of starts.

#5: This DJ pulled out a brown bagged lunch at the reception

Whether or not to feed your Edmonton DJ service can be an interesting topic for some brides. Many believe it's important to make sure a DJ who is on site for 11-12 hours has something to eat. We agree! However, when a plate service costs $50 per guest, we also understand the hesitation. In either case, there should have been a question brought up by the DJ about how to handle any confusion regarding a meal. What you don't want is something so non-classy at a classy event. People are dressed nice, the ambiance is there, the food looks great and then a crumpling of a paper bag can be heard from the DJ area where he pulls out a PB & J sandwich. At least leave the room for 10 minutes if that's the only option.

(this video is not the company that was hired... this is simply an example of what a bad DJ company can do)

#4: This DJ hadn't considered the length of certain songs

In most cases a DJ will play a song in it's entirety. Unless that DJ is mixing or working a crowd with different techniques, you likely won't hear a good DJ cut off a song mid chorus. There are exceptions. The Father of the bride in this case had broken his leg just days before the event. He did well just to walk his daughter down the aisle. He was also determined to dance with his daughter for a Father/Daughter dance. What this DJ didn't take into account was that having witnessed how many times the Father struggled to get around the room, that the chosen dance was over seven minutes long! That's long even for a perfectly healthy person! The Father in this case had pain shooting across his face by the midway point of the song. What nice pictures those must have been. At the very least, ask the bride what she'd like to do or if you see someone in pain, perhaps make a judgement call around the 5 minute mark.

#3: This DJ hadn't considered finding clean versions of songs

It's one thing if you're not aware of the lyrics to a song. That is one of the many jobs of a good Edmonton DJ service. There are times however a guest will ask for a song that exceed the norm of what is appropriate. A good DJ company will ask that guest to work with them to find a song more suitable. If the request comes from the bride, a good DJ will say "it's your wedding, so I'm happy to fill your requests, however there are some questionable lyrics. Would you like to wait to play this, or at least play the edited version?" A bride may not always be thinking about all of her guests, but a good DJ should.

#2: This DJ forgot the cake cutting

One of the requests of the bride at this particular wedding was that the cake cutting happen prior to 10pm. The photographer was leaving at that time and they wanted the cake cutting to be captured by the photographer. It is important that a DJ and Emcee work together. After all, a DJ can get very busy with requests and ensuring a good time once the first dance ends. In this case, the Emcee had actually gone up to this DJ at 9:55 and asked that the next song be put on hold until they could do the cake. The DJ acknowledged the Emcee and went on to play two more songs. By the time those songs had ended it was 10:10pm. I'm not suggesting some blame shouldn't go to the photographer (after all I would hope someone would be willing to stay for 10 more minutes), but if there are specific instructions, any Edmonton DJ should do there best to follow them as closely as possible. The photos were never taken of the cake cutting.

#1: This DJ played Top 40 for about 80% of the dance

If the crowd is all 16-24 years old, perhaps it makes sense why a DJ might focus on Top 40. But when a crowd is mixed from kids to grandparents, a good DJ will find a little something for everyone. From waltz's to country, to oldies and rock. A good DJ knows all types of music and has some sure fire winners in every category. A bad only knows one type of music -- the kind he/she listens to and expects everyone else to love it too!


There are other things a DJ do wrong. In fact many, which is why it can be so critical to find a good Edmonton DJ service to work with. Do you really want what happened to this couple's friend to happen to you? Do you want something like the above video?

Professionals aren't always pros because they call themselves as much. Professionals know what they're doing, they bring the goods and they back it up. If you don't feel that in your DJ company, you've not found the right one.