How to Do Your Last Minute Edmonton Wedding DJ Shopping

It's April. You've decided to hold your reception in June. Sounds like you have two months to get your last few items in order. Problem is, you forgot to hire your wedding DJ. Or worse, the Edmonton DJ you had hired, has bailed on your event and you're now stuck trying to find a last minute replacement.

For any DJ company worth the money, two months is very little time to find someone good still available.

Here are some tricks to finding the right fit:

1) Hire a wedding DJ company who has more than one DJ. -- it's not that a one man DJ company makes for a bad DJ, but it leaves you little to no options if that one DJ is sick, double booked or left dealing with an emergency. The last thing you want is to be trying to find a reputable DJ the day before or on your wedding day. DJ companies who have backup options are a must not only because you'll be covered as a client, but because cautious DJ companies might have an extra DJ or two hanging around and still available last minute.

2) Even if you've decided on and hired a DJ company, have your backup list handy. -- Edmonton DJ companies who know what they're doing won't leave you stranded, but should something happen you'll have a list of people you can contact at the last minute and likely some prices to go by.

3) If you've not set a date, consider a non Saturday wedding. -- if this wedding reception is something that kind of fell into place last minute, the chances are you might be more open to a Friday or Sunday wedding. If you are, DJ's are much less busy and often more available at a fair price.

4) Have a list of items that could be scaled down in a pinch -- the problem with waiting last minute is often things get more expensive. If the DJ company you really want is extremely busy and only has it's most expensive or pricy options available, make sure you know an area that can be cut back or eliminated to come up with the funds to get a good DJ. You might miss the cake topper you wanted, or the harpist in the lounge, but a bad DJ is hardly a worthwhile trade-off.

5) Don't insult DJ companies you contact for estimates with unrealistic budgets. -- it's a problem already in the "ipod DJ" era that wedding couples often think a good DJ should cost far less than a good DJ actually does. While Ipod's can make for a viable backup, they have proven to be a poor first choice for a wedding. Besides that, asking for a DJ to quote you $300 is going to attract the less than legit companies. Be realistic in your expectations. Know that all the good DJ's have been approached by wedding couples a year in advance and likely won't even respond if you're pinching pennies so close to your wedding date. Most reliable DJ companies have costs to putting on a good show. The last thing you want is to have hired a supposedly reputable DJ company on the cheap, who runs the other way the first chance he gets to take a higher paying client on the same day.