How Much Does "Fancy Gear" Affect Your Decision on Hiring a DJ?

I don't know about the city you live in, but here in Edmonton there are good DJ's and there are people who call themselves DJ's. It's easier than ever to buy an iPod, rent some equipment, download some music and start pressing buttons.

But, clients are learning that for their guests to have fun, hiring a disc jockey with some amount of experience and knowledge of the event is important. But, where is the line?

Even some of the biggest name Edmonton DJ companies with a ton of experience will try and get your attention with features that cost a lot, but don't affect the outcome of your evening. Let me ask you this. With the brightest lights, largest speakers and best turn-tables, would anyone dance if the music was terrible?

What your Edmonton DJ can do versus what they can bring are two completely different things. It's so important on a night that has different ages, group tastes, styles and subtleties that the DJ you hire has the experience to ensure everyone has a good night.

Consider that there are many elements to most events that involve a DJ, but are not focused solely on the dance. Your entrance, your speeches, the right cocktail and dinner music any potential video elements... these are all areas where your DJ will likely play a role but not be blasting lights or mixing the freshest beats.

Hiring a DJ company that can take you from the start of your evening including guest arrivals to the end of the night is important. So are the following items to look for when you meet that DJ service in Edmonton for the first time:

1) Do they ask to meet with you in professional setting?
2) Are they willing to show you the equipment if you ask?
3) Are they willing to show you testimonials?
4) If you have specific music requests and you give examples, can they answer the questions or know which songs you're speaking of?
5) Do they provide insurance, backups and licensing for all that fancy stuff?
6) Are they outgoing and easy to talk to?

If the answers to the above questions are no, all the fancy gear in the world won't help. Professional equipment is key when going for a certain look. It is also important that the DJ service you hire pay attention to providing the highest in quality. Find a DJ company who can service both needs, but remember, your highest cost should go toward guest experience.  At a wedding, more of that is in the music choices, interaction, professionalism and experience.

Now if your hiring someone for a grad or nightclub? -- All bets are off! GO HARD OR GO HOME!