How Early is Early To Hire Your Edmonton DJ or Wedding Vendor?

Our last article gave Edmonton wedding couples an idea of what can happen when things like hiring a DJ can be left to the last minute. There are options and ways to get a great disc jockey if you're behind the 8-ball.

The reality is however, being prepared is always the best way to get what you want at a competitive price. So, how prepared does a wedding couple need to be? Or, as the title suggests, how early is early?

It is not strange for Edmonton DJ's, photographers and video services to be booking into 2013 already. Yes, it's April 2012, but services in high demand often have a list of people looking to hire them. Does that mean you as a wedding couples need to drop everything you're doing and go hire your DJ today out of fear that tomorrow, that DJ will have booked an event?

I suppose the possibility exists. However, this is a popular time of year to be gathering information. For example, Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc. receives on average 12-25 requests per week for quotes and estimates on our DJ services this time of year. If you're plan is to hold your reception in the summer of 2013, starting some shopping now is a good idea.

Here are a few reasons why:

1) Edmonton DJ companies that are popular and DJ's within those companies that have a good reputation book fast. Some of the most reputable companies have multiple DJ's, however many clients are specifically looking for a certain style of DJ or a DJ they've seen at another event. The best way to ensure that DJ is available is to beat another couple to the punch.

2) Prices tend to go up and sometimes down as events get really close. If you've waited until the last minute and most of the good DJ's are booked, other companies or busy companies are aware that you the couple might hire the first good DJ to be available regardless of price. Sure, you get a good DJ, but you pay far more than you need to. Sometimes however prices go down. Sure this saves your wallet a bit, but if the company is still available close to the date, this could be a red flag. Especially if they are discounting their rates.

3) Flexibility is important in a DJ company. Many companies have multiple DJs and as we mentioned, getting your pick of the litter from those companies is a great way to customize your big day. The other bonus is that early in the prior year, some companies offer deals to get their next calendar year bookings off on the right foot. You happen to hit those deals, you could save yourself a couple hundred dollars.

4) Should something happen you might have options. We never want to think that a planned wedding won't take place. However, if a change of heart, family emergency or date change is to happen, the more time before your wedding, the more likely it is the DJ will help. Will it guarantee you get a deposit back? Of course not, But, with ample time a DJ company may be able to rebook that date and if so, should offer some assistance.

5) Value comparison is a huge deal for couples. We never advise our Edmonton wedding couples hire just on price, however value is extremely important. The more time you give yourself to find the right Edmonton DJ, the more you can compare that DJ to other Edmonton DJ's around the city. Find the best value, the one that makes you most comfortable and be ahead of the game in making your selection.

Best of luck in hiring your Edmonton vendor for your wedding. If you want to speak with us here at Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc., we'd love to show you our DJ, photography and video options.