The Five Best Ways to Ruin Your Edmonton Wedding Video

When we book clients who are interested in our video services for their Edmonton wedding, there is a lot of education that tends to go into explaining what it is a videographer can do.

Many brides have this misconception that a wedding video from a professional company should cost a couple hundred bucks. That videographers grab a camera, put it on a tripod, hit record and then put that footage on a disc. Because of this misconception, we spend a lot of time showing, describing and displaying the difference between what they've described and what we actually do.

When we start this description process, at first, we do concede that there are Edmonton video companies who provide the service they just described. That if they really want, they can find a video service for $200 or less. When those clients come to us with a video budget of that nature, we kindly and politely let them contact those services. We simply don't and can't help at that price. We do this however, after we describe the easiest ways to ruin a wedding video:

1: Hire a cousin or a friend to shoot it for you -- The reason is simple why we don't take on $200 wedding video clients. It's not that we don't want to help, it's that we're not willing to compete against someone who has no experience. Most of the time, those $200 companies are not really companies at all. These services are provided by a cousin with a camcorder or a friend of a friend who owns a new camera. They place that camera on a $10 tripod, hit record and end up with a one wide angle shot disaster, that every time they move you feel like your watching a bad IMAX movie that makes you sea sick.

Those guys are happy to make an easy $200. They have no feelings about how your wedding video turns out as they weren't paid to provide anything more than an amateur service. They typically don't edit, provide quality audio or know where to get the best footage.

2: Hire a company with no professional audio - There are new cameras that have pretty good microphones built into them. Our cameras for example do a fairly good job of capturing audio that most cameras can't. That said, a professional will use high quality wireless audio mics to capture every vow, precious moment or speech that matters to you the wedding couple.

3: Hire a video service that doesn't understand lighting - There a multitude of ways to ruin a great shot with bad lighting. If the company or person you hire doesn't understand what back lighting, front lighting, certain outdoor lighting or other lighting situations can do to a shot, they probably lack the experience you're looking for.

4: Hire a company that doesn't edit or has the editing done within a few days - The key to remember is that any good editing of high quality video takes time. Could a company conceivably have your wedding video complete within 24 to 48 hours? Sure. Is there such a thing as same day edits? Of course. Would I go that route? Unless the company can show you how they are pulling it off successfully. No.

High quality HD footage takes time to load, edit, render and then burn onto a disc. A good video company will shoot multiple angles and hours of footage taking the best moments and tastefully and creatively piecing them together. If you're about to hire a company that just shoots and doesn't edit, be ready for a very interesting (and not in a good way) video.

5: Hire only one camera - Yes, we do offer only one camera services. Our video staff are so good at what they do, we can make a video look like more than one camera was on hand. That said, there are certain times within a wedding or event that one camera can only do so much.

One camera means a steady wide shot of the entire ceremony. One camera means very little in terms of getting the expressions on the faces or friends, family and both parties in the couple. One camera means a lot of the same angle which can get very boring.

We always recommend two to three cameras at our shoots simply so that we can make your video everything you dreamed it would be when you decided you wanted a video of your big day.

And Now For What a Good Video Can Look Like...

Take a view at one of our highlight reels. This is just a small sample of a wedding we shot. But it gives you a good idea of what a professional company should be able to produce for you.

When you're ready to decide which type of Edmonton video service you want, please give us a call. 780-435-3686!

We'd love to help.