How to Understand The Crowd You've Invited to Your Own Wedding

It's not all the time that in assisting with the planning stages of a clients wedding, that we are supplied with more than just a few simple requests of what to play and not to play based on the tastes of the wedding couple. That's pretty standard stuff.
Every once and a while, we send out our two page reception itinerary form and when it's turned back in by a couple, two pages became four or five pages rather quickly. Two pages of the information we asked for and the rest all songs that the couple would like played.
At Equinox Sound, we're all about making the reception, the dance and the entertainment about our couples. But, we urge all wedding couples -- even our own -- that going overboard with requests can have an adverse affect on your goal, which is to ensure a fun evening of dancing!
In many cases we understand that a couple is only trying to help that DJ company out. They want to make sure to share their music preferences so their DJ has a good read on what they like. That's a great gesture and DJ's do appreciate it.
Where it becomes tricky, is if it's not clearly explained to that DJ if the list should be followed to the letter or if these songs (many of which can be inappropriate for a wedding), are just suggestions ultimately left to the DJ to decide on.
Couples need to keep in mind the variations in any wedding crowd. You'll have friends your age, grandparents, sometimes kids and everything in between. Two pages of the newest Top 40 might not appease that range and if you've hired a DJ worth any of the money you've paid, they'll know this. It becomes important to give the DJ a chance to work your room with the music that will get everyone involved.