The Alternative To Drawing Names...

As an Edmonton mobile DJ company, we're hired to do our thing at over 40-50 corporate holiday parties every year. And, every year we see a number of companies give away door prizes in the same fashion. Either they draw names and a good chunk of the staff wait around until they are lucky enough to get a prize or they give out awards for contributions within the workplace over the past year.

The second option makes a lot of sense. Employees should be rewarded for hard work and for the results they produce. If you didn't believe that, you likely wouldn't be considering having a corporate holiday function in the first place.

The first option however - this waiting around for your name to be called - is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

First, your entire staff knows that this is how it works. If you're giving away anything of real value, they'll wait to see if they win and then a good majority of them will realize there isn't much left to stick around for and leave before the DJ you've hired even has a chance to do his thing. Second, the entire process takes a good hour or more and that's a lot of downtime for those not involved or spouses who may not be eligible to win a prize.

At Equinox Sound and Entertainment, we've come up with some different options. Your next Edmonton corporate party can be remembered as a lot of fun and chances are next year, more staff will actually choose to attend.

1) Let's Make A Deal -- we've all seen the Monty Hall game show. A couple of curtains and a few gag prizes make giving away even the smallest item more interactive. Those are not choosing a curtain at the time are encouraged to help those who are make a decision. Perhaps you can add a couple of boxes and let as many as four employees pick a number at the same time, thus speeding up the process and keeping everyone involved.

2) Name That Tune - it's crazy music trivia that can be customized any way you see fit. If you have a number of smaller prizes to give away as a business, we can incorporate giving those prizes away during the game and whomever is left at the end without having won something can pick from the remaining draws throughout the night and immediately following the dance to shorten it up and keep employees partying.

3) Minute to Win it - one of the more recent and popular interactive game shows, this game can be taken anywhere and there a number of challenges employees can take part in as indivduals or a group. Make getting the better prizes something you earn by participating and you can bet money people will get involved.

4) An interactive Edmonton DJ - doesn't sound like a big difference, but if you hire a DJ who can get your guests involved, give out prizes and incorporate that into what he/she is already doing, it works fantastically. Your DJ can do a Michael Jackson contest, line dancing, a snowball or spot dances, singing and dancing contests and a whole lot more and without even thinking about it, a vast array of your smaller prizes have been given out without having to stop the night at any point to draw names. If you have some bigger prizes, your DJ should be more than able to make those draws without killing the flow of the dance.

These are just a few ideas to help you come up with a way to reward your employees but not bore them to death with the same draw they've seen time and time again. If you want or need more ideas, give us a call or visit us online.

Equinox Sound and Entertainment Inc.