Planning the Last Few Steps of Your Edmonton Wedding

As I write this (August 11, 2010) Equinox Sound will do 14 weddings this weekend and is in the process of putting the final touches on each one. From last minute song changes to clients who wanted to add a slideshow, to a panic call from a potential client looking to catch the big day on video; we're seeing everything.

Here at Equinox Sound, we're used to it, so we handle each Edmonton wedding in stride. For brides and grooms, the last minute processing isn't always so easy. It's often what turns what should be a joyous event into the "bridezilla" nightmare we've come to associate many wedding with.

How does one avoid all of this? We'll give you a few helpful tips:

Make pre-arrangements for balances owing...

You need to pay all of your wedding vendors. In our case, our Edmonton DJ's, Edmonton photographers or Edmonton videographers will be accepting payments at different times as each service has a different end date. That may not be the case will all vendors as your cake, caterer, hall rental, marriage commissioner, entertainment, ... will need to be delivered their final payments on or before the event.
Designate a person you trust (or for some their wedding planner) to have final payments ready to go. Having them ready and able to deliver envelopes with already written cheques makes your life as a happy couple much happier.

Go Over the Small Stuff One More Time At Least a Week in Advance

When I say small stuff, I don't mean things that don't matter. I'm referring more to items that are easily overlooked or considered finer details.

In our case as an Edmonton disc jockey service, it's your first dances and request list for the DJ you've chosen. Going over your list and what was sent to the DJ one more time ensures that your DJ will have the first dances and important songs you want to dance to. If you decide to change something, that still gives the DJ company time to make an alteration.

Perhaps you wanted to do a slideshow? You've taken the time to create it, edit it, put music to it and scan everything. Yet, you forgot how you planned to show it at the reception and as such obviously didn't rent a projector or screen.

Having gone over this a week early means you aren't running around trying to rent or obtain something that could easily be sold out or booked on a busy weekend. Even if you can get one, last minute bookings are always more pricy. Being prepared can save you money.

Meals and Beverages

Who are you feeding? Where are you sitting them? Obviously if you made a seating chart you considered your guests and family. As you should.

Are you feeding any vendors? Is the photography company you hired mandating a meal as part of the contract as some photographers are known to do? Does the DJ who'll be working for 12 hours deserve a meal? Where would you like to sit them?

This is an area that gets overlooked often and you don't want them pulling up a chair or brown-bagging a lunch to your classy wedding. Make sure you place or communicate with anyone at the event your intentions on the food. This is something you can do last minute as where you sit a vendor matters least over where you sit your guests.

This process of making final arrangements on the food extends to the alcohol. How will you be serving alcohol? Obviously one would hope your wedding vendors aren't dipping into the drinks, however many of your guests don't realize that unopened alchol can be returned, so they dip in withouth thinking about it first. Did you?

Making an arrangement to not waste bottles and drinks by limiting how each person opens a new bottle when they want a drink will save you hundreds of dollars. It sounds silly, but think about it this way. If you required each guest to go to the bar when they want wine instead of placing bottles on the table where there is 8 guests but only 2 wine drinkers (who likely won't finish the bottle), you'll have dozens of bottles left. That refund you get could be the cost of your DJ for the night.

What are you going to do with 11 bottles of partly used wine? Will you really take the time to put them all in one or two bottles? Does the idea of it take the elegance right out of your wedding? It would be much easier just to tell your guests to head to the bar and that the bartender would be happy to poor them a drink.
There are many more examples of last minute planning. These are just a few. Have any suggestions or tips you'd like to add?