The Perfect Example of Never Being Too Careful When Hiring Your DJ

First, let me start this article by saying I post this story with sadness in my heart. I left a phone conversation and series of emails with a potential client knowing that their wedding is weeks away from being less than the dream they had hoped for.

As Edmonton DJ's, we receive a lot of calls for summer wedding events. Many of them last minute. Just a day ago, we received a request for an estimate on a wedding event that was two weeks away. Our first assumption of course was that something had happened with the DJ that was asked to perform at the wedding and we were right.
They had asked a friend to DJ and that friend found "something better to do" and bailed. We didn't get details, and frankly we knew it was a sour subject so we didn't ask for much detail, but even though we could guess it was money related, we did feel bad because we see this more often than we wish to admit.

Upon getting a few more specifics about the event itself and what the clients were trying to find with little to no time, we realized the reason they had asked the friend in the first place was because they set their priority to have a good DJ way down the totem pole, spent all of their budget in other areas, and literally had no money left to solve the issue.

Long story short, they were up a creek without a paddle.

Knowing many of the other DJ companies these clients might call would see a couple in trouble and an easy pay day, thus jacking up their prices; we offered our services not only to help, but at a reasonable discount. We found one of our DJ's who was willing to assist for less than his regular fee and we as a company were going to take little to no profit, just so these folks could have a professional company look after things the proper way.

Our thought besides just being good people? Hopefully they'd remember how we helped and tell their friends about it. Good word of mouth travels fast...

Sadly, when we called back we were told we hadn't lowered our rates enough and that they had literally less than $200 to spend and were going to hold out until they'd found a DJ who could fill that request.

After my initial shock that a couple would be so blah about something that was mere days away, as politely as I could, I asked "what happens if you find no one willing to do it, or if the only people you find are as shady as the DJ you first decided on?" They replied that they had little to no choice since they simply couldn't afford it.

Knowing that this couple wouldn't even be able to rent an adequate sound system with no DJ for $200, I politely asked if they had tried to contact a relative to borrow an extra couple hundred to get a good DJ. Maybe make cutbacks in other areas just to ensure they had music at their reception? They said that they just didn't feel comfortable doing so.

We left that conversation knowing we couldn't help them and that their only resort was to possibly make the same mistake again by trusting a non-professional with the entertainment and fun of over 100 guests at a wedding where everything else took time and effort to organize.

Now, I'm not writing this because we missed an opporuntity to add a new client. Of course, that always makes me sad, but I write this to clients planning their event. Let this be a lesson.

You don't have to go crazy. While we contend it's important, you don't even half to make a DJ your top priority. But, for heaven's sake, hire a professional!

We can't explain how often we receive calls from clients who asked their cousin for this or a friend for that. They trusted those cousins or friends (most of whom have no experience as DJ's, just lots of music) with the entire entertainment of their event and those favors fell through. it happens all the time.

Don't let this picture be your wedding. You spend so much time and money on everything else, do you really want to ruin it with a DJ who looks like that?
A professional DJ company has back-ups, contracts, written agreements and more to ensure this doesn't happen to you. All we ask, is that you do your part and contact professionals. There are plenty to choose from and you always get a competitive price without blowing your entire budget on music.