The Key To A Good Wedding Slide Show

It's not everyone's speed, but let me tell you, when we do them at Edmonton weddings; guests, couples and even banquet staff stop and watch and share an incredibly important moment with the bride and groom.

So whey then, is it not the favorite thing of many couples to have a slideshow at their wedding? Sometimes the words cheesy or boring come to some couples minds when we ask if they'll be doing or would like us to help with a slideshow.

Our only assumption, is that somewhere along the line, these couples have seen a poorly made slideshow and it's ruined their experience of them. So much so, they've sworn off wanting one at their own wedding. We find that unfortunate, because when done right, a wedding slideshow can be something a couple can cherish throughout the rest of their marriage.

With some experience at making these, here are a few tips to doing it properly. These are tips we've been employing as Edmonton DJs for over a decade:

1) Be aware of how short or how long a slideshow is. Unless you or the person creating your slideshow incorporates video or other elements besides straight photographs, anything over about 10 minutes has a tendency to feel long and drawn out.

2) Pick the right music. Something upbeat and fun that your guests will recognize captures their interest more than just plain old background music. You may think that you just need to "add music", but there is so much more to it than that. Songs should represent the pictures in the show, the couples the pictures are focused on and their personalities. If the creator of your slideshow isn't taking those elements into account, they're not doing a good enough job for you.

3) Add something that gets your guests to watch along. It can be simple text with your names and dates. It can be small captions or descriptions of certain pictures. Whatever you choose, it should get people to understand what they are seeing.

*** Important note... do not add so much text that it becomes hard to see and read. These aren't books. You don't want people squinting trying to read the articles you write on each slide.

4) Create your slideshow in a universal format. There is nothing worse than taking the time required to put together a slideshow, but realize you made it in a format that your DJ, video crew or photographer can't use. Powerpoint is a great example. Often it's the one software platform the average person has some familiarity with, but it's the one software platform that has more transfer issues than any other format. Sure, almost everyone has Powerpoint, but what year? I may have 2007, you may have 2004, your friend may have 2009...

5) Don't try to undertake creating a slideshow if you lack patience, time and the knowledge to make one. I've seen it time and time again that people want a slideshow, think it's as easy as scanning a few photos and off you go. It's not, so don't waste your time. A proper slideshow is scanned and each picture cleaned and formatted to its clearest image. A proper slideshow has the photos in an order that makes sense to the couple and their guests, telling a story along the way. And a proper slideshow is entertaining.

Equinox Sound has been making and creating slideshows for over a decade and we'd love to make one for your wedding. When it's done properly, you'll be so glad you had one.