How Do You Know if Your Edmonton DJ is a Good "Wedding DJ"

We hear it a lot. Especially in an economy where weddings couples are looking to save in certain places and "everyone is a DJ". If that decision (going with a friend whose cheaper or a professional who values the services they offer at a certain price) is staring you in the face, how do you know if the DJ you're interested in because they'll save you money is a good "wedding" DJ?

There are a few things you can look for. (Picture courtesy of Paper Hearts and Crane website)

Generally the music you’re DJ is expected to play will vary all along the musical spectrum and needs to please many different musical tastes. Often couples will assume their friend or a friend of a friend who is a “DJ” is capable of playing any type of affair. This is not always the case.

Ask yourself, 'if I frequent a nightclub or my friend has purchased turntables and has added "spinning" to his/her list of hobbies, does that necessarily make them a good candidate for my wedding?'

If you can't answer that your confident they'll have a music knowledge far beyond the format of the club they DJ at or the music they like to spin at home will please your grandparents, your friends and possibly a handful of kids, a wedding may not go easy for them.

If you analyze the audience at a wedding, you’ll be able to identify distinct groups of people a wedding DJ must cater to. Most weddings have an older group, a middle-aged group and a younger group. Depending on the age of the bride and groom, the DJ may end up playing more for one particular group, but wedding DJs always need to cater to each group at some stage of the proceedings. Regardless of age, most people enjoying dancing if the music suits their taste.

So too, it's almost guaranteed that at most weddings, guests will start requesting songs. If the format of some club DJ's is not to take requests, can they switch gears like that and play more of the music that people are enjoying if it isn't part of what they're used to playing? If not, expect chaos when your "club" DJ tries to mix classic rock into rap. It may not go so well.

Make sure the "club" DJ understands that this is not the nightclub they're used to and that requests are important. Even if you like the music of the club you frequent, take some time to think about your guests and understand, a good wedding DJ knows the bride and groom are the bosses for the evening, but a good hundred plus other people may have different tastes. A wedding dance floor looks kind of funny when the bride and groom are the only ones on it.

If that's the case, even the bride and groom won't dance all night by themselves.