Uplighting Your Event. Ask Your Edmonton DJ If They Offer It...

Easily one of the most popular and trending tendancies of wedding couples is to add a little extra wow factor to any event. Whether it's to decorate a not-so-classy venue with a little extra class, or take a very elegant facility and add your wedding colors to it, uplighting is the new "it" thing to do.

It doesn't cost a fortune, but the difference can be priceless. Take a look at a picture of a venue before up lighting and after.

Or check out this very plain and simple hall with the pink wedding colors requested by the bride...
It doesn't take much. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$40 a light if that depending on where you obtain them from.

Equinox Sound, Edmonton's leader in DJ, photography and video is proud to offer their up lighting feature add-on to all of their events.

Now, for just a few extra dollars, you can add an amazing element of class and beauty or find that color that matches your theme.

Ask us if you've already booked our services what it costs to add this great feature. If you haven't booked us, remember up lighting among other things that separates us from our competition.

We look forward to showing you all the things that make us an award winning mobile entertainment service.