Separating Posing Edmonton DJ's from Professional Edmonton DJ's

I sat down with a couple today, who after they booked us for their upcoming August wedding, told us why. We're always greatful when clients do this, because for us to know what we're doing right, and in some cases, doing wrong, it's critical to our success.

These clients, like many others we work with, did their homework.

They started by doing some research on the internet, specifically by going on Google and searching the term "Edmonton Wedding DJ". Right off the bat, they quickly found our site. Considering we have one of, if not the highest Google ranked site of any DJ company in Edmonton, I wasn't surprised to hear them say so.

They clicked on our link and it took them to what they called, a "simple, classy yet informative and professional looking site that made them feel like they weren't dealing with a "fly by night" company."

* On a personal note, we took great care in designing our site. We didn't want to be too flashy, thus distracting clients from the meat of what they were looking for, but we didn't want to look like the site was thrown together by a Grade 1 student, which unfortunately, some of our competitors have done. Sorry guys, you know who you are...

The groom then called us and asked what he considered to be a million questions. We were fine with it and were able to answer most, offering to meet them in person to give more details to the questions we thought deserved a more complete answer.

His impression was a good one simply from the conversation on the phone, having described it as someone who took the time, who didn't want to steer the conversation and was looking to make sure they were the right fit for our wedding.

We allowed them to do more research including a BBB search, testimonials, references and other competitors to ensure they were sold on us. They advised us they found nothing but good things.

We met, we took another good hour talking and got everything booked with a package that fit their personalities to a tee. We took the time to provide some contacts in other areas of the industry and provided some information on our photography services, since they'd yet to resolve that part of their wedding.

When we were done, they both again thanked us and seemed genuinely excited about us being the entertainment on their wedding date.

My point here, is that without putting just that little extra effort into making this couple feel that much more at ease with our DJ company, they might not have taken the time to really learn about us. Without simple, yet informative marketing materials, they would have discarded our stuff with what they called the large pile of "nopes, not gonna cut it" companies. Without having the experience with hundreds of other events, back-ups and positive responses from the associations and clients we've worked with previously, they'd have gone a direction they felt more comfortable with.

The best part is and what makes me feel good about what we do, is that these folks are not alone.

This is simply an example of what we try to do with all of our clients and just one of the many things we do to make every client feel like their wedding is something that should be treated with professionalism and respect. Yes, there's a big difference between that, and just a wedding DJ.