Edmonton's Wedding DJ's Working With Edmonton Rush

One of Edmonton's most trusted wedding and corporate party DJ companies is working hand in hand with Edmonton's Lacrosse team the Edmonton Rush.

Go to a Rush game, and pay close attention to the Crush dancers as they provide about a minute more than a few times a game and you might hear something interesting. (assuming you can get past the good looks and dancing excitement).

Every music cut, edit and routine has been provided to the Edmonton Crush dance team by yours truly, Jim Parsons from Equinox Sound. Working closely with Danielle -- the Crush dance coach -- Jim has used his skills and creativity to come up with more than 20 unique edits to entertain you the Edmonton Rush fans during game breaks and down time.

If you're interested in getting your hands on a copy of any of the cuts, Equinox Sound will be selling them along with a variety of other original edits.

Equinox Sound is not just a wedding DJ company. We're much more and enjoy every aspect of this industry.