What Is LED Lighting and Why Should the Edmonton DJ Company You Hire Have It?

LED Lighting is everywhere. From Christmas lights to DJ lights, the world is going LED for a number of reasons.

Firstly LED Lighting is far more efficient and flexible. Its power consumption is on average 5% of the typical lighting solutions that came before it. Outside of simply being more environmentally friendly, LED lights reduce the amount of power required in every building and every reception setting, which can be critical to not only the quality of lighting, but sound quality as well.

Ever been to a wedding where the DJ is doing his thing, lights are on a base stand and providing a very cool wedding backdrop effect? Ever notice if you're the guest sitting beside that light or your child is the one who touched the "shiny toy" how hot a non-LED light can get?

LED lighting creates virtually no heat thus they can be placed anywhere with no concern for burning the hands or materials that may be placed near them.

LED lights also have a longer bulb life, with some LED manufacturers rate their LED units at between 100,000 hours and 1,000,000 hours lifespan.

Outside of the cost savings for a DJ company, that in turn could be passed to the client(s), this virtually guarantees that a wedding DJ's lights won't run out of bulb life half way through a night, thus your dance floor either loses effect until a bulb is replaced or for most Edmonton DJ's until after the show is over.

Furthermore, LED lights are much more durable, compared to the filament in traditional bulbs. Shocks, drops and knocks are far less likely to cause damage to LEDs than to incandescent bulbs, so if you have that clumsy guest that can't seem to handle his/her drink consumption, or just seems to always find a way to damage something expensive, the likelihood of them damaging an LED light is far less.

In terms of what you as a client will see with an LED light over a traditional bulb, LED Lighting offers far more options. Because LED fixtures are commonly powered using several LEDs to create the brightness required, different colours can be fitted in one unit. This means instead of single colours traditional lighting provides an LED gives you simply more color options. The same can be said if the light needs to be dimmed for certain environments.

As a client, if your DJ company isn't using LED lights, they're not taking every opportunity to save you money and energy. For a company that does 100 shows per year, replacement costs on bulbs alone could cost in the hundreds of dollars. That money could be a savings you see if the DJ company you hire doesn't have to replace the bulbs in the lights they use.

If you want a "green" wedding and are concerned about the environment, you simply aren't doing your part by hiring a DJ who uses anything but LED. This is one of the first questions you should ask your DJ if they claim to be "environmentally friendly".

It’s very easy to see now why LED lighting is taking over and easy to understand why Edmonton's top wedding DJ and corporate DJ company Equinox Sound made the switch a year ago. We encourage you to take advantage by giving us a call today.