How Much Music Should Our DJ Carry?

A very common question when we're hired as Edmonton DJ's or wedding entertainers, is how many songs are in our library and can we see a playlist?

There are a few answers to those questions and a lot of different DJ companies will give you different responses. Here's the real truth behind what you need to know as a wedding couple selecting your wedding DJ for the first time.

There are literally millions of songs. Some DJ companies will use it as a promotional tool that they have over 400,000 songs at their disposal for your event. Wow! That's a lot.

Others, won't bring it up because many of the Edmonton DJ's out there are still working off of CD's or vinyl and it would take loads and loads of equipment to carry that many songs on formats other than Mp3 or Mp4.

Here at Equinox Sound, many of our libraries are thousands and thousands of titles deep. That's all well and good as long as we have the right music. Hundreds of thousands of songs won't do you a lot of good, if the three favorite songs you as a client want are not a part of that group.

A typical wedding reception dance lasts about four hours. Sure, between dinner and cocktails, speeches and other traditions, our Edmonton DJ's are there much longer than four hours, but from the start of the first dance to the end of most nights, a four dance gets you around 75-100 songs depending on how much your DJ mixes tracks together.

75 songs is a lot less than a few hundred thousand to say the least. What becomes critical, is that of those 75 songs, the wedding or corporate DJ you hire makes the most out of the song choices for your guests. If you hire a club DJ and you have a guest list that embodies mostly ages 40 and up, Top 40 and Techno, likely won't work as well as oldies and classic party tunes.

Which would you rather? The DJ with a million choices or the DJ with the right music for your event?

The catch here is not that you pick a DJ with 1,000 songs. Likely, with that small a selection, they won't be able to sufficiently accept requests. That said, if your DJ carries 5,000-10,000 of the right tracks and knows his stuff, it is very likely that your guests won't spring up anything the DJ can't handle.

For us, all DJ's carry in the neighbourhood of 20,000 plus songs that will cover a variety of genres from oldies, country, Top 40, rock, swing, latin, jive, easy listening, romantic, disco. dance, and more.

So too, Equinox Sound provides (as all good Edmonton and area DJ companies should) a reception form that prior to your event, will allow you to specify any song requests, do play and do not play lists relevant for your big day. While requests are great and we do take them, we try to get as much feedback from our clients before the event as possible.

So a few things to remember:

* More is not always better. The right songs make the difference
* Your Edmonton DJ company should have enough songs to fit a variety of requests
* Your Edmonton Disc Jockey should work with you prior to your event to find the right variety of music you'll want to hear.
* Your wedding DJ should make sure that just because he has a song, doesn't mean that the song will work for your group.