How To Hire the Right Edmonton Wedding DJ

When it comes time to hire the DJ for your wedding, there are a few critical things to remember.

A DJ above all else can make or break your reception in a heartbeat. Hire the wrong one and your party will suffer. Hire the right one, and your guests will be telling you how great the night was every time you run into them.

So, how do you know if you have the right DJ?

First, the company you hire should make you feel comfortable right out of the gate. You want to feel as though you are bringing someone in who cares not only about your image of the perfect wedding, but understands how to incorporate your guests to the level you desire.

Not everyone wants a DJ service that puts on a show all night, dresses in costumes, and talks about everything under the sun just to keep your guests attention. Some couples actually hope their wedding is a more laid back, cocktail style function that allows people to dance or mingle at their own speed.

Others, look for a DJ who can get everyone involved and out on the dance floor. A disc jockey who will start the party if it takes a few songs to get your guests into the swing of things and can participate in line dances, interactive activities and more.

What do you want your wedding to be? Once you know, ask the company what they do.

What's the Back-up Plan?

Second, the company you hire should be able to cover your event in case of problems. You can pick the right DJ, you can be excited about what's going to happen at your event, but if an emergency strikes and your DJ can't be there, what happens to your wedding reception? Never ask a friend or hire a company that does not have a back-up plan. More often than not, you'll regret it.

A DJ company that has more than one "DJ" is a safe bet. Double bookings, car accidents, contracts and other factors unfortunately come in to play with a lot of companies and friends who don't take pride in their professionalism. If you're on the wrong end of that confusion, you could be stuck without an entertainer and all the money, pre-planning and research won't do you any good, since you can't make a DJ without a back-up magically appear.

How Much Is It Going To Cost You?

Third, consider price. There are a lot of DJ's in the Edmonton area whose prices range from $500 - $2000 per night. With such a wide range, how do you know which one to choose?

Well once you've eliminated those that don't make you comfortable right away, or don't have back-up DJ's, you've found you'll have narrowed down your options significantly. From there, ask what you get for the money.

With a $500 DJ, you might find there are no lights, licensing, insurance, wireless mics or other things you might need that a DJ should provide. With a $2000 DJ, you might be paying for the advertising cost, the office space they rent, or the fancy gift basket they offer in an effort to attract your business. Do any of those things really affect the DJ's ability to provide quality entertainment? Probably not.

An average DJ should run between $800-$1400 per night depending on who you hire (this can change or be lower if you're wedding is in an off-season or on a day other than Saturday).

Couples who hire a DJ based on a referral or recommendation, know the DJ is probably pretty good, which also means others have interest in them. You may pay a premium to keep that DJ for your wedding, but that is money well spent, since you know exactly what you'll be getting.

There are more factors that go into the process, so always meet the company you're interested in, unless you know right off the hop you don't want to risk losing an available date to another client. The DJ company you hire should offer to meet with you and answer any questions. If they don't, it's not worth considering them anyways. .